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Boost shopping carts and sales by selling products directly from your marketing emails

Supercharge Your Business With AppMail!

Boost Shopping carts

Seamlessly guide your customers from browsing to checkout, resulting in higher shopping cart conversions.

Content creation with GenAI

Create compelling and persuasive messaging for your email marketing campaigns with Generative AI


Design interactive shoppable components in your customers email with our intuitive email editor

Sell more effectively

Drive higher ‘Average Order Values’ with impactful marketing emails, powered by email-mini-apps and AI-generated content.

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Capitalise on Impulsive Buying Patterns

Offer your customers a seamless shopping experience by streamlining the checkout process into an interactive email.

4 easy steps to start sending Shoppable Emails

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Why AppMail is the right choice for you?

Simplify the
customer journey

Boosting sales by up to 35% through a streamlined customer journey that reduces multi-platform hopping by 40%.

Turn browsers
into shoppers

Convert your customers from browsers into shoppers from the moment they open up their email.

relevant content

Synchronize your email campaign with your e-commerce platform to display inventory availability, and real-time dynamic pricing.

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Bring an immersive experience to your marketing emails

With AppMail’s intuitive email editor, bring your marketing emails to life by effortlessly integrating interactive web elements, creating captivating and engaging experiences for your audience.

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Get Started For Free

The power of our Email-mini-apps

Similar to the way apps on your mobile device offer specific functions, our email-mini-apps bring a variety of functions right into the inbox, from seamless shopping experiences to filling out a survey form.

Utilizing Generative
Ai to craft engaging content

Elevate your copywriting game with our generative AI tool. Experience intelligent suggestions for subject lines, headers, and email body text.

Coming Soon
Generative AI for image creation
Campaign strategy co-pilot

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